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Property Management

When owning property overseas, it’s of the utmost importance that you have a team with whom you can communicate clearly and regularly. My Argentina home‘s knowledge of the local market, combined with our customized marketing strategies result in maximizing values, minimizing risks and promoting long-term sustainable tenancy.

Our complete property management services turn everything into a push-button operation for our client. Anything you need done, any instruction at all, will be a phone call or email away. We place a high priority on customer communication, and nothing is done without your express authorization. We offer a comprehensive service portfolio ranging from accounting to coordination of property repairs and maintenance.

•Our comprehensive property management services include the following•


Guest check-in and check-out

Thorough contact and logistics to make sure the guest both arrives and is checked into the apartment in a seamless manner, thereby making his experience all the better.

Industry-leading response times

Our web-based technology lets us make sure we are able to respond promptly to requests from owners, investors, and tenants.

No obligation contracts

Our service agreement can be cancelled without penalty at any time. We are at your service.

Monthly accounting statements

Each month, owners receive an electronic accounting statement (in the form of MS Excel spreadsheet) which includes a detailed description of any and all repairs or payments made. Copies of all invoice paid during management of any one unit of property are filed at our offices. Our in-house management team review the monthly statements prior to them being sent to owners.

Comprehensive online marketing

Our team will ensure that each owner’s property has the best opportunity to be leased quickly. Our leasing services include rental price analysis, professional quality photography, email blasts to previous guests of My Argentina home, use of social media (including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram), prompt responsiveness to potential applicant inquiries, and tenant screening.

Tenant screening

Your property is a valued investment; as such, we want to make sure we don’t allow just anyone in it. Tenant screening is a vital component of reducing your risk as owner. We assume nothing as fact until verified by credible evidence, and asking any and all questions we deem necessary.

Rent collection

My Argentina home is very firm about rent collections. Rents are due between the first and fifth of each month, and considered late on the sixth. Late fees are charged and if necessary legal action is taken to ensure proper payment.

Professional-quality photography

The photographs we take and use for our rental listings are of great importance, as that is, quite literally, the first thing a potential client will see. We invest in top of the line cameras and digital photography software to assist our leasing agents in being able to provide professional quality photographs.

Property inspections

Our lease agreements specify in no uncertain terms that property inspections can be expected during a lease agreement. If agents of My Argentina home have reason to suspect the apartment is not being used in a proper or lawful fashion, they have authority to enter the unit. Our offices hold extra copies of keys to each managed unit.

Collection of rental payments and transfer to owner’s bank account

Our offices handle payment of rental by tenant; whether by cash, PayPal, bank transfer or any other form of debt cancellation. An invoice is generated, and subsequently the collected money is either held for the owner, or sent to wherever he indicates.

Inventory walkthrough

Our offices generate a full inventory of everything inside the owner’s unit, so as to have a Dollar-value associated with each item, in the event something is broken or goes missing.

Drafting and signing of rental agreement / collection & return of security deposits

Our team of lawyers draft ironclad contracts, making sure all bases are covered, so that our client – the owner – is fully protected. Security deposits are collected as well, to ensure that the lease agreement is honored, and to be used in the event of any agreement violations.

Maid service and preparation of property for guest or owner arrival

We have professional, highly-trained maids who have worked with My Argentina home for many years, and are charged with preparing units for the arrival of either a guest, or the owner. They pay exceptional attention to detail, making sure that each person who stays at one of our units feels right at home, leaving fresh linens, towels, soap, and the occasional bottle of wine.

Concierge services & problem resolution for guests and clients

Our agents are available to answer any questions about our units, 7 days a week, year-round.

Sending tenants notices of eviction, as needed

My Argentina home‘s legal department is comprised of highly-efficient lawyers, who have experience in both civil and penal cases. Any necessary legal action has been foreseen, and can be addressed by our team of lawyers.

Payment of all apartment bills & utilities

Our software tools ensure all bills are paid in a timely manner; either at bank tellers, or by way of electronic payments, online.

Value enhancement

Significantly reduce operating costs through vendor / service contract re-negotiation, or otherwise searching out new service providers which may be more cost-effective.

Maintenance and repairs as needed (including preventative)

My Argentina home has an administrative team whose primary responsibility is coordinating repair and maintenance requests. We use a web-based repair and maintenance system which allows us to efficiently prioritize, assign, and manage all requests that are received. Our trusted contractors provide quality work at a reasonable price. Nothing is done without the owner’s prior authorization.

Payment to third-party service providers

Our office handles all payments to third-party service providers; these may include, but not be limited to: contractors, purchase of furniture / appliances / other items for an apartment unit, payment of services or other fees. This also includes overseeing of delivery of any such items purchased.

Supervision of remodeling, home improvement projects, subcontracted work; up-to-date progress reports

If an owner decides to undertake a home improvement project, our employees will do follow-ups and make sure the contractors are performing their jobs in timely and agreed-upon fashion. My Argentina home generates progress reports or communicates via phone calls with the owner to inform him of updates to the project. Our offices will take to the hiring, training, and supervision of all on-site employees; specify and bid vendor contracts; screen vendors & track insurance; supervise all services from commencement to completion.

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